Senior Internal Auditor

Key Responsibilities

  • Principal Responsibilities

Audit Assignment:

    • Provide regular feedback to the Senior Auditor on the status of audit assignments Special Projects:
    • Participate in special assignments directed and Perform related work as assigned by Senior Internal Auditors, Head of Audit Unit, Audit Managers, and/or Head of Audit Department
  • Audit Planning

Co-develop the Expectation:

    • Attend the Internal Audit team planning meetings
    • Attend the opening planning meetings with the Head of the Department / Branch Manager under review

Risk Assessment & Testing Strategy:

    • Participate in the preparation of the detailed risk register(s) including the nature, impact and likelihood on the Department / branch under review and the controls identified that mitigate those risks
    • Participate in the preparation of the detailed internal audit work program to address the risks identified along with the testing strategy
    • Participate in the preparation of pre-task planning
    • Update working paper, audit program, check lists and other relevant documents
  • Audit Execution

Implementation of Testing Strategy:

    • Implement the testing strategy to achieve the objectives of audit assignment
    • Perform testing of internal controls identified during the planning phase to the extent documented in the risk assessment. Conclude on the internal controls effectiveness
    • Perform Head Office and branch audits in accordance with the internal audit programs and procedures including identifying and defining issues, developing criteria, reviewing and analyzing evidences and documenting the head office and branch or department control process under the supervision of Senior Internal Auditors or Head of Unit and or Manager.
    • Conduct interviews, reviews documents, develops and administer surveys, composes summary memos, and prepares working papers in current audit file

Working Papers File & Information Gathered:

    • Identify sufficient, factual, reliable, relevant and useful information to support test results
    • Document the work done during the understanding of the business of the Department / Branch under review
    • Document and confirm the issues raised and the management response
    • Sign off all the working papers
  • Audit Reporting

Audit Report:

    • Participate in the drafting of the Internal Audit report

Closing Meetings:

    • Attend the closing meeting with the Head of the Department / Branch Manager under review to discuss the issues raised and the proposed recommendations

Follow up Assignments:

    • Participate in conducting the follow up assignments to ensure the proper implementation of the corrective actions agreed in the report
  • Professional Conduct & Development

Training and Counselling:

    • Ensure and update the registration to the communicated training courses/Continuing Professional Education (CPE) on monthly basic Professional Development & Appraisals:
    • Prepare the individual professional development plan/Career Plan

Qualification/Experience Profile

  • Good both speaking and writing in English
  • Degree in accounting, finance, audit, economics, IT, law, or related majors
  • At least 1 or 2 years relevant work experience in an Internal Audit or internal control function in an financial institution or professional accounting firm including exposure to:
    • Lending operations and related activities
    • Funding operations and related activities
    • Financial administration and expenses
    • Administrative activities