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Funds Transfer

In order to provide the best in class services to the customers, CP Bank developed simplified Funds Transfer Services which bring customers convenience with speedy services, security, safety and reliability.


  • Secure, fast service with great time and cost saving
  • Good service, reasonable price and transparency
  • Convenience for sending and receiving money through CPBank branches nationwide
  • Short and simple process


Customers can transfer money from:

  • Account to account
  • Account to non-account
  • Non-account to non-account
  • CBank to another bank​​ in Cambodia
  • CPBank to other countries around the world

Local Funds Transfer

It is not a barrier or a worry anymore on transferring money to your family, relatives, business partners at the provincial town or remote areas because the CPBank’s Funds Transfer Service is the right solution for you. Our offices are installed at potential locations nearby customers’ houses and business locations so that there is no longer a problem.

To perform local fund transfer you are required to:

  • Go to any nearby branch or
  • Use our Mobile Banking Application

International Funds Transfer

Customer can remit their funds internationally all around the world by using CPBank’s SWIFT CODE “CPBPKHP2”. The customer will benefit with the lowest pricing, fast and convenience and high security.

Correspondent Bank

  • Bank Name: DBS BANK LTD.

Country: Singapore

Currency: USD

  • Bank Name: OCBC BANK LTD.

Country: Singapore

Currency: USD

Beneficiary Bank


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