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Payroll Services

Our Service will make you save time and money by paying your employees through Cambodia Post Bank (CPBank) payroll service. CPBank offers you integrated payroll services that can reduce costs, eliminate paperwork and improve security.

You can simply submit your staff salary payment files and we will process the payroll payment. You do not need to withdraw cash from the account or issue checks anymore.

As a part of the payroll project, we issue free ATM cards, Mobile App for your employees to provide an instant 24/7 access to their funds through our ATM or Mobile Banking.

Customers can withdraw money at any ATM of 5 banks:

Cambodia Post Bank, Acleda Bank, Sathapana Bank, Prasac Microfinance and Amret (known as Cambodian Shared Switch).

Why choose CPBank Payroll service?

Benefits to Employers:

  • Improve your cash flow and ensure your employees are paid quickly and on time.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need to carry large amounts of cash or issue checks on payday.
  • Keep your company’s funds secure, as there is no need in transporting cash from the bank to the office.
  • Monitor expenditures through free mobile banking service
  • Install ATM machine near your company
  • Free local fund transfer
  • Special rate for international fund transfer
  • Special rate for fixed deposit
  • Special rate for a loan (Local Customers)
    Benefits to Employees:
  • Can withdraw money outside working time by using ATM Card and 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, including weekends and holidays.
  • Withdrawals can be done at the provinces where Cambodia Post Bank’s branches located.
  • Get interest from their savings deposits at the end of each month and at the same time acquires other advantages from Cambodia Post Bank’s banking services.
  • Free local fund transfer.
  • Your staff can obtain a personal loan with no collateral
    How it works:
    Step 01: Opening Company Bank Account: Required Documents:

    • Article of Incorporation
    • Company Registration
    • Patent
    • Passport / ID Card of Owner
    • Board Resolution (Or Authorized Letter)

Step 02: Opening Staff Account:

  • Required Document: Passport / ID Card

Step 03: After completing the registration, you can perform the payroll payment as following:

  • Send the approved salary payment file to your dedicated teller at CPBank.
  • You will receive an email or phone call each time payments are processed and completed.Monthly payroll processing fee:
  • The Payroll Service fee charge will be waived for the first year. Starting from the second year onwards, the fee charged is USD 0.30 per payroll account.

How to apply:
For more information, please kindly contact our staff as below:
Tell                  : (+855) 70 600 120; (+855) 93 780 000; (+855) 70 200 002
E-mail             :
Website          :

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