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CPBank Profile

Cambodia Post Bank Plc. is one of the fastest growing commercial banks in Cambodia. It was established in September 2013 under the strategic partnership among CANADIA Investment Holding Plc. (CIH), Cambodia Post (CP) of Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and Fullerton Financial Capital Pte. (FFC). From 2013 till date, CPBank has evolved and transformed as the Best Mass Market Bank that embraces global best practices and chooses to be at the forefront of technological initiatives. CPBank measures it success not only by the bottom-line numbers but also the milestones set towards becoming the most competitive bank in Cambodia to fulfill the growing aspirations of the people of Cambodia.

In last 10 years, CPBank has rapidly transformed itself into a bank with full-fledged digital services and features that allows our customers to access and manage their financial needs easily and safely through their mobile phone at their convenience. Customer can request for a loan, open an account, transfer funds, make bill payments and other financial transactions online without coming to our branches. Introduction of QR scan, bill payments, tax collections, local and international fund transfer, phone top-up along with CPBank’s adoption of Bakong, Retail Pay, FAST system made the financial transactions easy and convenient. To ensure the overall security and peace of mind for our customers to perform their transactions digitally, we not only have 24/7 security operating center to manage the cyber security but also upgraded our Core Banking System. Our “365 days banking services” are also there for our customers in case they need to come to our branches every day irrespective of weekends and public holidays.

CPBank is now with solid capital base with total assets of over USD1.46 billion, established 62 branches, 324+ ATMs/CDMs access points, 329,000+ account base, 131,000+ ATM/Debit card holders, and 58,000+ merchants nationwide. The Bank has also partnered with financial and payment service institutions such as Wing and True Money which make our customer choose alternate place for their loan repayment at their doorsteps. The Bank also has partnered with other Financial Institutions such as AMK, Amret for sharing ATM utilizing the NBC’s Cambodian Shared Switch (CSS) and open the network for customers to transact freely at their convenience. CPBank also participated in various Government initiatives of rebuilding the economy from Pandemic impact through the SME Bank and Credit Guarantee Corporation Cambodia. These initiatives have supported the Royal Government of Cambodia’s initiatives to develop & strengthen SMEs, as part of the Strategy for Economic Recovery for the New Normal 2021-2023.

CPBank has received many recognitions locally and internationally. In 2023, CPBank has received Honorable Mention in the “SME Financier of the Year – Asia” from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the SME Finance Forum for the noteworthy contribution towards SME in Cambodia. CPBank has also been awarded the “Peak of Success Best Retail Bank 2023” and ” Peak of Success – Trustful Bank in 2022 Award” from World Confederation of Business.

CPBank is committed to building a strong service culture with its committed professional staff in order to maintain and improve its performance and offer the best-in-class customer experience in Cambodia. We are thriving to achieve “One Family, One Account” strategy towards the financial inclusion. CPBank’s subsidiary Funan also has a wide coverage across the country through its 51 branches. CPBank offers various types of products to cater the need of the Mass Market segment. As a financial group, CPBank is committed to design and provide innovative financial products for our customers and set the best in class service standard in Cambodia.

Canadia Investment Holding Plc.

Canadia Investment Holding Plc. (CIH) is one of the largest and most trustworthy financial investment company in Cambodia. By the end of 2023, CIH reported the total assets of over US$10 billion. CIH has 8 subsidiaries and affiliates that offer services in finance and banking (corporate, SME, and retail), micro-finances, life insurance, general insurance, and stock markets in Cambodia. CIH has in-depth knowledge of the Cambodian market and operates with high discipline and corporate social responsibility.

Fullerton Financial Capital PTE Ltd.

Fullerton Financial Capital Pte. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fullerton Financial Holdings Pte. Ltd. (FFH). FFH is an independently operated strategic and operating investor in financial and related services in emerging markets. FFH creates shareholder value by being committed to building differentiated business models focused on the Mass Market and SME segments, and an enabler of digital innovation for its portfolio companies.

Cambodia Post by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

Cambodia Post (CP) is an autonomous business entity under the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, and financially regulated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

CP operated under the privilege authority granted by government for supporting their objectives, mission and vision and government policies. Their vision is to promote effective network infrastructure connectivity and accessible services of Post, Telecommunications, and ICT sectors across the Kingdom of Cambodia, the region, and the world in order to contribute to socioeconomic development and poverty reduction.