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Corporate Banking And Taxation

  1. Corporate Banking
    Corporate Banking Service is made for corporate clients who have a business as a registered company in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Customers can use the bank’s products or services to manage cash, payments, income and expenses, both domestically and internationally, securely deposit cash and earn extra income for the company through the interest rates offered for each type of account.
  2. Taxation
    Tax service is the use of the bank’s services for all types of revenue transactions collected by the General Department of Taxation through CPBank, by allowing all customers who are required to pay taxes such as general taxes of all kinds, property taxes and taxes on means of transportation at all branches nationwide.
    • Customers can access all types of bank accounts
    • Customers can pay taxes through banking services such as Enterprise Tax, Property Tax, and Tax on means of Transportation
    • Customers can pay their taxes through CPBank account or in cash
    • The customer must pay the tax at least 1 day before the business day of the customer’s tax payment deadline
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