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ATM/Cash In Network

ATM/Cash In Network



CP Bank’s ATM machine is equipped with the advanced technology and can read both magnetic strip and Chip Card. Our customers can perform both financial and non-financial transactions with the highest security and the most convenience. Investment on ATM network is a key to success for CP Bank, but we want to roll it out in a different way from other banks. We emphasize the convenience and security for customers in which security will be strongly focused on to protect ATM cardholders with the best.

Complete range of financial services including:
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Inter Bank Funds Transfer
  • Intra Bank Funds Transfer
  • Bills payment
  • Mobile Phone Top-Up
  • SMS Notification

Cash-in Service

CPBank​ provides​ a lot of methods​ of​ cash-in​ service​ to​ customers​ such​ as​ directly​ at​ CPBank branches​ and​ through​ the​ network​ of​ cash-in​ machines​. Besides​ its​ facilities,​ CPBank​ has​ also​ extended​ the​ cash-in​ service​ through​ the​ partnership​ with​ various​ leading​ payment​ service​ providers.

Enjoy deposit your cash or repay your loan with the following methods:
CPBank has 64 branches network across the country. You can deposit money into your CPBank account through the cashier’s counter at any nearest branch.
CPBank has 129 ATMs machine are operating across the country and 10 Cash-in machines located,  You can top-up your account at these 10 Cash-in machines for free 24/7.
Depositing through more than 7,300 Wing agencies nationwide, you can use Wing service to deposit cash to your CPBank account and repay your loan at any nearest agent.


After you deposited money into your account, you can easily check your account balance with convenient and secure CPBank Mobile Banking. Please download and activate it for free!

CPBank keeps​ working​ on​ increasing​ the​ number​ of​ branches,​ Cash-in​ machines,​ and​ related partnerships to provide the convenience of Cash-in service for customers.

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