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Cards and Payments

Enjoy the convenience of easy access to funds and cashless shopping with a CPBank’s Card.

ATM Card

Provides you easy access to ATMs for your daily banking needs

An ATM card is a payment card or dedicated payment which enables a customer to access automated teller machines (ATMs) or other channels. Usage is subject to available funds in cardholder’s Savings or Current Account. When the cardholder makes transaction on ATM/POS, the amount is deducted directly from their Savings or Current Account with CPBank Bank.

With the inclusion of Cambodian Shared Switch network (CSS), our ATM cards can be used to withdraw money nationwide at any CSS member’s ATMs. The ATM cardholder needs only to look for the CSS logo on the ATM machines to identify CSS member ATMs.


  • Withdraw cash from our growing network of ATMs here in Phnom Penh and in the provinces No collateral or minimum deposit balance required
  • Personalized – your name is printed on your ATM Card.
  • No application/approval fee

Annual fee

  • USD 5

Debit Card

Allows you easy access to your funds here and abroad

With the Visa logo, your CPBank’s Debit card is instantly recognized here and abroad. If​ you​ want​ to​ get​ instant​ access​ to​ your​ funds​ and​ enjoy​ convenient​ payments​ without​ worrying​ about​ interests​ and​ late​ payment​ charges, ​ CPBank debit​ card​ is​ your​ right​ choice.


  • Withdraw cash from our growing network of ATMs here in Phnom Penh and in the provinces No collateral or minimum deposit balance required
  • Personalized – your name is printed on your ATM Card.
  • No application/approval fee

Annual fee

  • USD 5

Visa Credit Card

Making payment/ purchase without cash

CPBank credit card is the best choice to improve your lifestyle with an easy way of making payments at any time and anywhere.

Features and Benefits

  • Immediate alert message on the transaction
  • Real-Time Repayment/top-up for credit balance
  • Card Transactions (Cash withdrawal, E-commerce, International Transaction, Purchase) can be manage via Mobile App (turn on/off)
  • Flexible monthly payment methods
  • Convenient and quick cash advance at ATMs wherever VISA card is accepted
  • Eligible all promotions sponsored by Visa & CPBank
  • Free access Plaza Premium Lounge around the world up to 6 times per year.
  • Lounge locations

Fees and Charges

Services Description Fees & Payment
Application Fee, Approval Fee Free
Dispute Fee Free
Card Replacement Fee USD3/Card
Overdue Date (late payment) Fee USD20
Statement Date 28th of the month
Direct Debit Date 10th of the month
Payment Grace Period From statement date -12th of the month
Payment Channel 1. Direct Debit; 2. CPBank MB; 3. ATM/CDM
Machine; 4. Counters; 5. Third partner
Cash Withdrawal via CPBank’s ATM (per transaction fee) Min USD3 or 2% whichever amount is higher
than USD150
Cash Withdrawal via other bank’s ATM (per transaction fee) Min USD5 or 2% whichever amount is higher
than USD250
Annual Service Fee USD12 Silver Card; USD25 Gold Card
Credit Card Interest Rate P.A Credit Purchase 18%P.A; Cash Advance 24%P.A
Direct Debit Min USD20 or 5% whichever is higher

Documents Requirement

  • Valid identifications
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of resident

Credit Card Criteria

  • Applicant’s Age: 18 – 70 Years Old
  • Stable income from salary / business

What is Virtual Card?

CPBank Virtual Card is a card that can use to purchase online the same as a Visa card, but you can create a virtual card by yourself on your mobile phone up to $ 2,500 and can increase your amount.

After you create a virtual card, you can use to purchase on the popular online websites such as Amazon, Google Play, App Store, eBay, Air Asia, Expedia,,, Agoda,, Netflix, Ali Express, Food panda, Nham24, BLOC Food delivery,…

Why do we need to use Virtual Card?

  • For customers who do not have a visa card yet
  • For customers who do not want to spend time to access any branch for applying for visa card
  • No need to wait for Visa card from 01 to 02 weeks
  • Protect your Visa card from being hacked by hackers

Benefits of Virtual Card

  • No create and annual fee
  • Instantly, issuance with instantly purchase
  • Security online payment
  • Purchase online by only using your mobile phone
  • Can limit your daily purchase
  • Check all your transactions via CPBank Mobile Banking

Terms and Fees

Currency USD
Type of Card VISA
Daily Purchase Limit USD 1 – 2,500 per Virtual Card
Create Fee Free
Monthly or Yearly Free Free
Number of Active Virtual Cards 10 active cards per CPBank Mobile Banking
Validity Period 1 month – 5 years
Interest rate N/A
Daily Purchase Count No limit

How to create Virtual Card?


Making digital transactions easy

With CPBank’s KHQR, you can accept cashless payments made from banks and financial institutions​ which are member of NBC’s Bakong system. Improve your business experience with CPBank KHQR!

E-Wallet Top up

Top up selected eWallets such as Bakong and Wing wallet immediately by using your CPBank mobile banking.


  • Limited per day: ​ USD 2,500
  • Fee: Free


  • Limited per day: USD 5,000
  • Fee: Free
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