Virtual Card

What is Virtual Card?

CPBank Virtual Card is a card that can use to purchase online the same as a Visa card, but you can create a virtual card by yourself on your mobile phone up to $ 2,500 and can increase your amount.

After you create a virtual card, you can use to purchase on the popular online websites such as Amazon, Google Play, App Store, eBay, Air Asia, Expedia,,, Agoda,, Netflix, Ali Express, Food panda, Nham24, BLOC Food delivery,…

Why do we need to use Virtual Card?

  • For customers who do not have a visa card yet
  • For customers who do not want to spend time to access any branch for applying for visa card
  • No need to wait for Visa card from 01 to 02 weeks
  • Protect your Visa card from being hacked by hackers

Benefits of Virtual Card

  • No create and annual fee
  • Instantly, issuance with instantly purchase
  • Security online payment
  • Purchase online by only using your mobile phone
  • Can limit your daily purchase
  • Check all your transactions via CPBank Mobile Banking

Terms and Fees

Currency USD
Type of Card VISA
Daily Purchase Limit USD 1 – 2,500 per Virtual Card
Create Fee Free
Monthly or Yearly Free Free
Number of Active Virtual Cards 10 active cards per CPBank Mobile Banking
Validity Period 1 month – 5 years
Interest rate N/A
Daily Purchase Count No limit