Debit Card

Debit Card

Allows you easy access to your funds here and abroad

With the Visa logo, your CPBank’s Debit card is instantly recognized here and abroad. If​ you​ want​ to​ get​ instant​ access​ to​ your​ funds​ and​ enjoy​ convenient​ payments​ without​ worrying​ about​ interests​ and​ late​ payment​ charges, ​ CPBank debit​ card​ is​ your​ right​ choice.


  • Withdraw cash from our growing network of ATMs here in Phnom Penh and in the provinces No collateral or minimum deposit balance required
  • Personalized – your name is printed on your ATM Card.
  • No application/approval fee

Annual fee

  • FREE
* Terms & Conditions apply: