Beware of Telephone Scammers!

Dear customers!
Recently, there have been some scammers, trying to perform fraudulent activities over the phone by pretending to be Bank’s employees. They try to contact Bank’s customers and offer discount for the loan repayment through them. The scammers also make promises that the customers will receive a discount on the interest rate for new loan and require customers to pay them some fee in advance.

CPBank do not have any agents for loan repayment collections.

Please be noted that all CPBank’s loan repayments can only be done in 3 ways:
1. Cash payment at all CP Bank branch counters.
2. Account transfer from any Bank accounts to the client’s loan repayment account. And
3. Payment to client’s loan repayment account through Wing or True Money agents.

Please always obtain receipt for any cash payment and Bank will not be liable for any payment to any party other than the above means.
For more information, please contact: 070 200 002 | 1800 200 888 (Toll Free)