CPBank has facilitates merchant payments around Cambodia

In the age of technology, CPBank has continued to evolve to develop digital services to our valued costumers, companies, or vendors around Cambodia for greater diversity in payments. Due to the growing of costumers’ need for payment, CPBank has created a QRPayment service via CPBank mobile banking that enables customers to pay and transfer money through QR Code scanning quickly and easily more than using cash, and especially free of charge for all transactions.

Here are some comments from CPBank customers who have experiences with QRPayment payments:

Mr. Hong Rot a coconut seller said: Since he started using CPBank Scan QR, he has earned a lot of money because his daily coconut buyers are paying via QR Code. Not only that, he can easily check balance statement that he receives from his sale through mobile banking, sometimes he doesn’t have to pay money back to his costumers, they just only scan QR Code and pay. Lastly, he said he was really happy to use CPBank’s services because he could have an saving account for saving for his family and retirement. “He added”.

Mr. Uy Sophara a sportswear shop owner said: he started using QRPayment by the recommendation of his friends. What he was surprised is when he opened CPBank account he did not require a minimum balance of saving account of USD10. After he has been using CPBank’s QRPayment, it is really easy and convenient for his payments to his costumers and business partners, especially, free of charge. “He added”. In addition, he praised CPBank’s mobile banking service as being “prompt” for his daily payments.

Even a coconut seller and a sportswear salesman are using CPBank QR Scan!

What about you?