We Believe in Our People and Inspire Our People in Belief of Our Culture – “Do The Best Today for Being a Leader Tomorrow.”

Our people are our most valuable asset. Nothing we do is more important than
attracting, inspiring, and retaining talents to create long-term value for our customers, our shareholders and our communities.

We recognize the importance of each individual’s contribution to the value we created, and place the considerable emphasis on attracting and empowering the best people to make these contributions. We attract people not just only their talents, but who embody the value of encouraging conviction and commitment.

The investment in skills and accelerating employee’s professional and personal development are the essential components of the Bank’s people agenda. Acknowledging an employee’s performance and development as well as their personal contribution to overall CPBank’s success is key that’s why we always prioritize people’s promotion within the Bank. We always recommended any employee who been performed well and demonstrated the Bank’s value at all times and always contributed to the success of the Bank’s objectives the prizes, especially an opportunity for promotion to a higher role within the Bank.

With this culture, most of our people appreciate and believe that if they do the best today, they will have an opportunity of becoming a leader
tomorrow (in the future)!