Domestic Fund Transfer via Retail Pay

Retail Pay is a modern and perfect domestic service in both KHR and USD which initiated by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) to serve the Cambodian people for transfer money to other banks or financial institutions in Cambodia.

To achieve the vision of reducing the direct use of cash in the market and improving the financial inclusion in Cambodia all customers can transfer money through the banks and financial institutions up to 11 members.

Therefore, all customers can make fund transfers to banks and financial institutions in Cambodia, business partners, friends, family, and your love. This function can be made by any customer via bank account or phone number. The amount can be transferred up to KHR 200 million or USD 50,000 per transaction via CPBank Mobile App or through all 58 CPBank branches nationwide.

Even more special, customers can transfer to phone numbers under KHR 4 million or under USD 1,000 per transaction.