Open CPBank Accounts to get 0.25% interest rate per annual with many benefits

Now, all customers and the public will receive special offers for opening saving accounts such as Saving Accounts, Current Accounts, and Saving Settlement Accounts to get an interest rate of 0.25% per annual with many other special benefits such as:

  • No minimum balance of opening accounts
  • Free cheque book
  • Free Visa card
  • Free Mobile Banking App
  • No monthly and yearly fee charge
  • Free domestic fund transfer
  • Get many discounts from CPBank business partner.

In addition, for CPBank customers can make financial transactions free of charge through CPBank Mobile App and ATMs with many functions such as domestic fund transfer, QR payment, create the virtual cards, cardless withdrawal, bill payment, and phone top-up, etc. Soon, all customers will be able to pay for vehicles and properties through CPBank tax payment services. CPBank is also a member of Bakong, CSS, and Visa which can help our customers to make payments, transfer money, cash withdrawal, and cash deposit via all of the banks and financial institutions member nationwide.

For more detail: 023 260 888

*Terms & Conditions Apply!