Our Growth during the year 2018 and journey towards digitization

In the midst of financial, economic and environmental challenges, CPBank has completed yet another eventful year where we continued our journey towards digitization and growth. During the year 2018, CPBank experienced notable improvements in key fundamentals with our countrywide network of 45 branches, 40 ATMs and diversified service delivery channels. We also maintained a comfortable liquidity and capital position throughout the year. As a young commercial Bank in Cambodia, CPBank always bridging the financial gaps with innovation and technology that enable us to provide easy and convenient banking services to our customers. This convince me that CPBank is securing the place for future. As Chairman of the Bank, I would like to present the CPBank’s progress in the year 2018.

You all will agree with me that banking landscape in Cambodia has changed from its previous which is in line with the age of unprecedented and disruptive change happening in the world. These changes are mostly powered by digital technology which creates lots of challenges and opportunities in this evolving
operating environment. This digital technology also democratizes the financial services and bringing incomparable convenience to our consumers at the click of a button.

As an institution CPBank is deeply rooted in Cambodia and has its responsibility towards the nation. CPBank aims to bring more digital banking services in the pursuit of technology to make banking simple, convenient and accessible while we will keep the existing brick and mortar network across the country.

We are also committed towards the environment and sustainability.
CPBank has already adopted Environment and Social Management policy for sustainability for onward implementation in 2019. CPBank has generated modest growth in portfolios along with strong profitability ratios in 2018. CPBank’s consolidated total asset size stood at US$ 775 million as of 31st December 2018. The consolidated loan book of CPBank has increased by US$ 141 million (39%) and deposit from customers rose by US$ 151 million (42%). With 47% growth in consolidated operating income over 2017, CPBank’s Profit before Tax stood at US$ 17.2 million registering a growth of US$ 6.5 million (61%) over 2017.

Bank’s subsidiary Funan Microfinance also delivered a fantastic growth in 2018 where their loan portfolio has grown to US$ 46  million by 31st December 2018 (62% growth over 2017). Funan’s net operating income also grown ~70% in 2018 where net profit increased to US$ 1.7million from its previous year’s US$ 35 thousands.

As a financier CPBank always is in line with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s aim to bring the finance system in Cambodia up to international standards. CPBank has kept the same focus of financing either to business or individual but to ensure enhancing economic growth which ultimately contribute to macro-economic stability. CPBank is a banking institution that always working with the vision “to be the best mass market bank that enriches
lives and fulfills the growing aspirations of the people of Cambodia and create sustainable value for shareholders, employees and society”.

The Cambodian economy has expanded rapidly. Macroeconomic and financial stability remain resilient despite some challenges. Garment, Construction and tourism sectors continue to grow double digit rate given the favorable economic growth and the support of expansionary fiscal policy, proper monetary policy and positive development in banking and many other sectors. Despite US-China trade tensions and monetary policy normalization in some advanced countries, global and regional economies have continued to expand and provide good opportunities for Cambodia. Foreign direct investment inflows continued to increase at a robust rate (12%), particularly in Banking, real estate and garment sectors. The foreign reserves are projected to increase to US$ $11.3 billion which is equivalent to 5 months of imports of goods and services. Price and exchange rate have remained favorably stable at 4,050 Riel per USD. Inflation continued to be low at around 2.5% due to a slower increase in food price (2.7%). Cost of production in Cambodia
remain high due to lower economies of scale, limited infrastructure links, lack of electricity distribution network along with high cost and the increase in minimum wage, etc.

Cambodia may face with the withdrawal of “Everything but Arms” (EBA) scheme from the European Union (EU) which was announced in October 2018. Despite Cambodia has challenges  due to external and internal factors, Moody’s affirmation on retained Cambodia’s B2 sovereign rating with a  stable” outlook for 2019 will bring more confidence for investors in both debt and equity investment in Cambodia’s market.

The Cambodia’s banking system continued to grow robustly and contributed to sustainable and inclusive economic growth in tandem with the government policies. NBC has paid close attention to strengthening financial stability while financial inclusion has been promoted particularly in current situation where credit is still growing rapidly while the global financial market conditions remained uncertain. To maintain financial  stability, macro-prudential measures have been carefully implemented on banks and microfinance institutions to gradually reduce credit growth which is expected at ~17% in 2018 which was 75% in 2007, declined to 31% in 2014, to 23% in 2016 and 21% in 2017 and financial inclusion will continuously grow, boosting economic activity and reducing the poverty rate.

It is indeed a great privilege to lead this growing Bank and to help drive Cambodia’s economic growth and development.  I am grateful to all the regulatory agencies of the Government, in particular the National Bank of Cambodia, General Department of Taxation, Ministry of Economy and Finance, for all of their continued support. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Board of Directors for their valuable guidance and support to the Bank.

I also want to look back on 2018 with gratitude to all our clients and employees and look forward to 2019 with optimism and confidence. I must affirm that the Board and management are on track towards executing Bank’s strategy and focus on delivering value to our shareholders, customers and the community we are operating.