Pay $7 to get $2 off on WOWNOW APP

  1. Special offers from CPBank and WOWNOW! Order food on WOWNOW APP of $7 or more, you will get $2 off when you pay with CPBank Visa card and use Promo code “WOWCPB”. This offer is valid from September 1, 2021, until November 30, 2021.

Term and Conditions:

  • The Promotion is open to all new and existing CPBank Credit and Debit Cardmembers including CPBank Group staff (“Eligible Cardmember”).
  • Eligible Cardmembers will get USD 2 off when they spend USD 7 and above on WOWNOW APP by using CP Bank Credit/Debit Card by keying in “WOWCPB” at the ‘Promo Code Using’ when you submit the order.
  • This offer is only applicable for all purchase items in Food delivery only
  • Cardmembers cannot use this promotion code in conjunction with other promotion codes at the same time, but will still be eligible to enjoy other discounts offered by WOWNOW App and CPBank Cashback campaigns.
  • The maximum allocated pay-out for this offer at USD 4,000 for the whole Promotion Period and on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  • Each eligible App User is entitled to a maximum discount of USD2 per month.
  • The discount is non-transferable to any 3’d party and non-exchangeable for up-front cash or any other benefits in kind.
  • If there is any dispute or non-receipt of the discount, the Eligible Cardmember is required to contact WOWNOW Help Center directly via telephone number 023 997 239
  • Cashback reward up to USD 8 per month as below condition:
Accumulated spending/Month Cash Back Amount Maximum Cash Back/Month
Above 20.00 USD/ Card 1.00 USD 8.00 USD / Card
Above 40.00 USD/ Card 2.00 USD
Above 60.00 USD/ Card 3.00 USD
Above 80.00 USD/ Card 4.00 USD
Above 100.00 USD/ Card 5.00 USD
Above 120.00 USD/ Card 6.00 USD
Above 140.00 USD/ Card 7.00 USD
Above 160.00 USD/ Card 8.00 USD
  • We reserve the right to change, amend the terms and conditions or terminate the promotion without prior notice.