Successful History of a Large Souvenir Business Owner in Siem Reap Province

Mrs. Chan Sok Heng, 28 years old Cambodian running a business of souvenir shop while her 38 years old husband Mr. Pon Peanreak work as a bus tourist guide for last 9 years in Siem Reap. The couple has two sons and currently studying.

Her souvenir shop is located in Siem Reap Night Market, Art Center at Siem Reap, a tourist City in Cambodia.

Initially they were running their shop on rental and decided to buy 2 nearby shop. Based on our Credit Officer’s approach they borrowed during December 2016 for an amount of USD 25,000 to buy 02 souvenir stalls. After that, their business has been expanded and borrowed again on February 2019 to buy another stall to expand. After receiving loan from CPBank, their business has grown 3 times and currently they have 3 souvenir shops in the night market which also improved their life significantly.

CPBank’s loan actually enabled them to realise their dream business and they are thankful to get CPBank as a supporting Bank in their business success.