Workshop “The career in the banking sector and future direction for young people in the digital age”

To orient students who are studying in high school, especially students who love and want to work in the banking and finance sector. On January 15th, 2021, CPBank under the representative of Mr. Toch Chaochek, Chief Executive Officer, has shared the knowledge, experiences, and as well as provide orientation ideas to more than 100 students at Krou Yerng School in Ratanakiri Province in the workshop as “The career in the banking sector and future direction for young people in the digital age”.

This workshop held in objective to disseminate information and educate high school students for help them to clarify and define their plans and preparing for success in university life and be able to achieve their goals in the future.

In this workshop, Mr. Toch Chaochek, CEO of CPBank said “To become a human resource with high ability, knowledge, skills, and techniques, all students must study hard from high school until the university. After graduated the university, please choose a job that you love and willing to do and take the time to study this job as soon as possible to be able to develop yourself become a good leader in the future.

If you love and interested in financial careers so please study hard from now on to be a human resource in the future. CPBank will be waiting for all of you to join us. We always provide opportunities for students who have the ability and want to develop themselves in the banking sector. “He added”.

CPBank also donated 100 bags of study materials including pens, books, and eco-bag to the students who participated in this workshop and hope that all students will study hard and can achieve their goals in the future.