Thursday, March 7, 2019. At its Headquarter, CPBank celebrates the 108th Anniversary of International Women’s Day in the topic of “CPBank promotes and values every woman gets fair love and Happiness in whole life.”

During the Ceremony, the CEO of CPBank reminded the history of successful women who demonstrated the respect for women’s rights in society and the rights for an election. The United Nations also officially introduced this topic International Women’s Day on 8 March which is celebrated every year all over the world.

The CEO of CPBank also highly values Cambodian women’s ability, responsibility, and patience in work and in every circumstance for global value: “Women is the advantage of Family, Social Development and Country.”

In the celebration of the 108th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, all CPBank branches will celebrate this event with the offering of Khmer Scarf up to 5,000 Scarfs to female staff and clients throughout the country.

The Picture from Main Branch.
The Picture from Teuk Thla Branch.