Best Positioning in the Market by Leverage Expertise

Within 5 years of operation, we are well recognized in the financial industry in Cambodia as being the 5th Bank in terms of branch network with modest sustainable growth among the Commercial Banks.

Under the strategic partnership among Canadia Investment Holding, Fullerton Financial Holdings and Cambodia Post of Ministry of Post and telecommunication, we are very privileged to leverage the expertise from the best practice in the region and customized that into local context to fit with the need of our customers.

The Bank has expanded the branch network to 45 by the end of 2018, which can be considered as the highest growth in terms of network expanding where the Bank has followed the best practice for operational risk management and independent risk function especially Credit underwriting. We have managed our operational risk well without any significant operational lost so far. Bank also follows the three lines of defense for its risk management where Audit is the third line of defense who are completely independent and directly reports to the board committee. Although Audit is capable enough to identify, monitor and mitigate the overall risk of the Bank, we are continuously enhancing the first and second lines to manage it better.

Advance bank technologies are always our strategic priority and we want to be at the forefront of digitization. We have our Core Banking System, ATM and Mobile Banking from the early stage and we are also the pioneer member of the FAST Payment System and Cambodia Shared Switch. Credit Score Card, Loan Origination System, and Collection Management  System are under deployment which will enhance our operational capabilities to provide better customer experience.

We will also launch Credit Card with VISA in early 2019 which will be convenient for our customers for their lifestyle needs. Bank has acquired Funan Micro-finance in 2017 in order to deepen into the market by utilizing our experience and expertise. We have already grown Funan to three folds and it’s now the 3rd Micro-finance Institute (MFI) in terms of asset size in Cambodia. On the other side, Bank has created the SME
department in 2018 to serve the larger enterprises in
Our human capital is fully equipped with capacity and well trained where we also provide a suitable benefit package
following the best practice of Performance-based Payment structure. We also have a clear Career development program
along with retention management plan which is well
appreciated and make CPBank as one of the best choices
the employer in the industry.
All of our financial indicators are improved compared to last year performance as below:
▪ Total revenue increases by 35%
▪ Revenue per staff increases 20%
▪ Net Profit before tax increases 64%
▪ Cost of deposit decreases (9%)
▪ Cost to income ratio decreases (10%)
We are looking forward to being one of the top 5 Commercial Banks in Cambodia by total assets and continuous enhancement
of our Best in Class Customer Service and evolving information
technology towards digitalization leveraging the expertise from our shareholders.