Congratulations! 14 Outstanding Branches in August 2021

Congratulations to the 14 outstanding branches in August 2021 as “Management of the Best Credit Quality and Best Achieving Lending Portfolio Growth”. The management of CPBank is very appreciated to 14 outstanding branches such as:
  • Cana City Branch for achieving “the Management of the Best Credit Quality”
  • and the 14 outstanding branches such as Main Branch, Olympic Branch, Sovanna Branch, Ou Baek K’am branch, Chhbar Ampov Branch, Teuk Thla Branch, Kampong Cham Provincial Branch, Angk Snuol 2 Branch, Krong Bavet Branch, Bati District Branch, Tram Kak District Branch, and S’ang District Branch became “the Best Achieving Lending Portfolio Growth”.
This achievement is a great pride for CPBank that reflecting the willingness and effort of every colleague to provide excellent financial services to all customers even in any circumstances situation. Management of CPBank also expressed its appreciation to 10 branches and all colleagues for hard work to carry out the work until this success. In addition, CPBank also presented certificates of appreciation and a reward of 2 million riels per branch.