CPBank Joined 1st Ben at Oupbal Chhoa Tanaram Pagoda (Phnoun Pagoda)

On Saturday, September 14th 2019 CPBank’s managements and staffs celebrat Khan Ben Ti 1 at Oupbal Chhoa Tanaram Pagoda (Phnoun Pagoda) located in Andoung Romenh commune, Kandal Stueng district. Kandal Province to pray for their ancestors who passed away with hopes that the good deeds will bring them with happiness, healthiness and allow their ancestors to be at heaven or to avoid in a bad spirit.

With these reasons, every year CPBank’s managements and staffs always participate Kan Ben days with gifts offering to the monks for dedicating to their ancestors and wishing the best for family.

On this occasion, CPBank also brought some gifts for the monks such as 10 packages of Sla dock, 10 sacks of rice, 20 boxes of Coke, 10 contains of Soy sauce, 5 box of Big bottles of oil, 10 boxes of Noddle, 15 boxes of Pure water, 5 boxes if canned fish, 5 ounces of condensed milk and also include KHR 1,310,000 for pagoda construction plan.