Visa Credit Card

Visa Credit Card

Making payment/ purchase without cash

CPBank credit card is the best choice to improve your lifestyle with an easy way of making payments at any time and anywhere.

Features and Benefits

  • Immediate alert message on the transaction
  • Real-Time Repayment/top-up for credit balance
  • Card Transactions (Cash withdrawal, E-commerce, International Transaction, Purchase) can be manage via Mobile App (turn on/off)
  • Flexible monthly payment methods
  • Convenient and quick cash advance at ATMs wherever VISA card is accepted
  • Eligible all promotions sponsored by Visa & CPBank
  • Free access Plaza Premium Lounge around the world up to 6 times per year.
  • Lounge locations

Fees and Charges

Services Description Fees & Payment
Application Fee, Approval Fee Free
Dispute Fee Free
Expired card Fee Free
Card Replacement Fee USD5/Card
Overdue Date (late payment) Fee USD20
Statement Date 28th of the month
Direct Debit Date 10th of the month
Payment Grace Period From statement date -12th of the month
Payment Channel 1. Direct Debit

2. CPBank MB

3. ATM/CDM​ Machine

4. Counters

5. Third partner

Cash Withdrawal via CPBank’s ATM (per transaction fee) Min USD3 or 2% whichever amount is higher
than USD150
Cash Withdrawal via other bank’s ATM (per transaction fee) Min USD5 or 2% whichever amount is higher
than USD250
Annual Service Fee 1. USD12 Silver Card

2. USD25 Gold Card

3. USD50 Platinum Card

Credit Card Interest Rate P.A Credit Purchase 15% or 18%P.A

Cash Advance 24%P.A

Direct Debit Min USD20 or 5% whichever is higher
Foreign Currency Coversion Fee 1.5% per trasaction

Documents Requirement

  • Valid identifications
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of resident

Credit Card Criteria

  • Applicant’s Age: 18 – 70 Years Old
  • Stable income from salary / business
* Terms & Conditions apply: