CPBank Milestone


  • Upgraded the Core Banking system
  • Introduced Loan Collection System
  • Introduced New Features for mobile banking
  • Excise duty and Tax collection for Customs
  • Cross ATM access partnership with AMK and Amret.
  • Partnership with True money for Loan Collection and Cash withdrawal.
  • Exceeded the total 250,000+ accounts milestone
  • Achieved 100,000+ card holder’s milestone
  • Received Global SME Finance Awards 2022 as “SME Financier of the Year-Asia” and “BEST FINANCIER FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS” both Silver by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the SME Finance Forum


  • Added new features to mobile banking including cross border payment, KHQR, and bill payments to new merchant partners, etc.
  • Participated in the SME Co-Financing Scheme of SME Bank with the technical and financial guidance of the Ministry of Economic and Finance (the “MEF”)
  • Increased branch networks to 60 locations nationwide
  • Increased ATM/CDMs networks to 89 machines nationwide
  • Successfully registered and completed the requirement from Ministry of Labors for Head Office and all branches
  • Achieved net profit of USD 21.33 million
  • Exceeded the total 150,000 accounts milestone
  • Achieved 75,000 card holders milestone
  • Received “SME Financier of the Year-Asia” award as Honorable Mention by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the SME Finance Forum
  • Awarded as the Fastest Growing Retail and SME Bank Cambodia 2021 from International Business Magazine
  • Awarded in Leadership in Contactless Conversion 2020 from VISA
  • Awarded as Golden Tax payer in Cambodia, being the top 28th in 2021 by the General Department of taxation


  • Achieved total assets milestone of 1 billion US dollars
  • Launched Visa Credit Card, Virtual Card, utilities payment in Mobile Banking App
  • Actively participated in NBC Digital initiatives by implement Fast Payment, Bakong E-wallet and Retail Pay via Mobile Banking App and OTC
  • Enabled Online Loan Request and Online Account Opening Application
  • Launched Private Banking Services
  • Participate in the SME Co-Financing Scheme of SME Bank Licensed by NBC with the technical and financial guidance of the Ministry of Economic and Finance (the “MEF”)
  • Launched Loan Origination System
  • Opened 7 new branches and total branch network of 58 with 72 ATM/CDMs Machines included Cash Recycling Machines
  • Received “Best Bank for Women Entrepreneurs” award as Honorable Mention by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the SME Finance Forum
  • Recognized by the General Department of Taxation with “Gold Award for Tax Compliance”
  • Named as “Best Retail Bank Cambodia 2020” by International Business Magazine
  • Achieved the outstanding awards as “Fastest Growing Retail Bank Cambodia 2020” from Global Banking and Finance Review


  • Introduced 365 days Banking Services in 3 Branches in Phnom Penh Area, Main Branch, Olympic and Sensok Branch (Aeon II)
  • Launched Visa Debit Card
  • Become a first group member of Bakong app
  • Enabled QR based payment function in Mobile Banking for free fund transfer
  • Enabled Wallet top up function to DaraPay and Wing using  Mobile Banking
  • Opened 6 new branches and total Branch network stands at 51
  • Introduced 24 Hours Call Center with Web Chat
  • Hosted International Event under “Women and Finance” With WSBI


  • Opened 3 more New Branches and total branch network increased to 45
  • Become pioneer member of Cambodian Shared Switch (CSS)
  • Increased registered capital to USD 76m
  • Partnership with Sovannaphum Life Assurance Plc.
  • Partnership with DaraPay for Loan Collection
  • Achieved USD 17M Net Profit
  • Implemented Credit Application Score Card
  • Developed Capital Management Framework
  • Received “The BIZZ AWARD” for Business Excellence at the City of Miami, Florida


  • Acquired 100% stake of FUNAN Microfinance Plc. with 51 branches network tripled FUNAN’s asset size within a year
  • Official Launch of Mobile Banking Services
  • Become member of FAST payment System
  • Partnership with Wing for loan Collection
  • Opened 5 more new branches with total branch network increased to 42 branches
  • Corresponding Banking partnership with DBS (Singapore) and ICBC (China)
  • Introduced 20 mobile touch point
  • Centralized Asset operations


  • Introduced digital service delivery channel
  • Launch ATM services
  • Introduced regional control, enhanced MIS and Analytics function
  • Opened 6 new branches, total branch network increased to 37
  • Net Profit after Tax doubled to USD 8M
  • Introduced Telecollection team
  • Awarded the ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize Award Program “Gold Category” which is organized in Germany